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  • I have now ordered from your business twice. I have to say… I am in LOVE with everything!! The pricing, the food quality, the great taste, the ease of pick up, the packaging, the 3 pounds I have already lost….. EVERYTHING!! Thank you so much! I am very excited to continue to order from you! Keep up the AWESOME service!!!!!
    Megan Betancourt
  • Fit Foodz Cafe literally saved and changed my life at a critical time. Coming off of my biggest health scare and told by doctors that I was a ticking time bomb, I needed a viable and practical solution to the nutrition aspect of my lifestyle. Now a little more than two months after discovering Sue’s 10-meal plan, I have lost 40 pounds and feel better than I have in my entire life. As a full-time sports writer, the temptations and natural culture of my job is not the healthiest, but I have beaten them both by bringing my Fit Foodz meals with me and enjoying their incredible taste and nutritional value. I can’t tell enough people about Fit Foodz Cafe and I can’t thank Sue and her staff enough for helping me with my transformation.”
    Andy Kent
  • 231 to 209 in a little under 4 weeks!!! Never could have done it without you!! Love you guys!!
    Ray Sexaur
  • I recently visited your restaurant on a trip to South Florida. I count calories daily to maintain my weight, as I find it to be very effective. I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to your restaurant. Both my meal and dessert were satisfying and full of flavor, yet low in calories. Your restaurant has been what I have been longing for to satisfy my cravings without the guilt. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my meal while staying on track with my eating lifestyle. I live in a suburb of Orlando and know that your restaurant would do well here.
    Jacqueline Pollack
  • Thank you fit foodz!!!! Couldn’t have done it without your AMAZING meals and meal plans!!!! Will be seeing lots of you guys. Looking forward to the new updated menu with calorie counts etc!!! Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!!!
    Marianna Zabaleta
  • Yes, thank you FIT FOODZ CAFE. Nothing better to start the week off with the 10 meals for $80. That was the fuel I needed. A great place with an excellent staff. A perfect 10 dinners for $80, you can’t beat.
    Jack Hardy
  • Love love love, the food , as well as the people that are employed there. Never had a bad experience........& don't intend to!
    Cindy Bodner
  • I got the 10 meals for 80 dollars. Sweet potatoe Shepard pie. I am really impressed. Best prepped meal I have ever eatin. I am usually lazy and never write reviews however this deserves to be known.
    Adam Picow
  • I Love it! Everything is so tasty. It has really helped me stay on track to meet my health goals. Thank you!
    Tawana Jones



Meal Plan

For just $10 a meal, now you can eat delicious, freshly made meals and spend less time in the kitchen with our creative meal plan weekly menu. Not only do we cater to the everyday palate, but we also prepare gluten free, paleo and vegetarian options as well.

Our menu changes weekly so you are never bored eating the same foods and always looking forward to what’s next.

All our food is served in microwaveable and freezer safe containers.

We prepare everything fresh with zero preservatives added. We suggest you keep some of your meals in your refrigerator and the remainder in the freezer. All you need to do is take out the meals from your freezer the night before and leave in your refrigerator to thaw so you have a fresh meal to consume the very next day. We feel this is the best way to maintain freshness and less spoilage.

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Ripe Delray

Sister Restaurant Now Open
Ripe is your destination for a natural, fresh, scratch-made meal.
Each menu item is handcrafted using only the highest quality ingredients.

A modern approach to all-natural, healthy dining. Ripe proudly offers a 100% gluten free menu that encompasses a variety of authentic flavors. We cater to a fast-paced world, serving creative dishes made with only fine local ingredients.
You are what you eat, so eat Ripe.

(561) 412-3750

15084 Lyons Road Suite 750
Delray Beach, Florida 33446

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